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We are a company that helps startups as well as entrepreneurs excel


– we leverage a vast network of resources with decades of subject matter expertise in areas such as board advisory, full time or interim sales and commercial management, as well as social media, web and brand development. It’s always the people involved who are the crucial factor for success. Both ours and yours.

Our network of resources work every day in the capacity of part time or full time to implement their strengths and knowledge on tasks delivering most value – and as customer, you only pay for the results.

– what we do and for whom

THE WORK we have done for others – as an integrated part of their teams, wether strategic on-site and / or remote work has been our business for years. With recent events, more and more companies explore the power of scaling up and down in resources, yet wanting to leverage the best subject matter experts to identify a competitive edge versus competition – wherever they reside.

Transform your business

Board Advisory    ⚬   Growth Strategy   ⚬   Interim Management  ⚬   Corporate Development



Design  ⚬  PR & Content management  ⚬  Web & Brand Development   ⚬   Social Media   ⚬   Sales Training